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More Examples of Our Work

AR 15: Graphite Black, Royal Blue, Combat Gray


AR in Regal Blue and Armor Black

Glock 9 Slide in Tungsten

Glock Slide in Robin Egg Blue

8-Cylinder Header Set
2,000-Degree High Temp C7700 Glacier Silver

Robin's Egg Blue

High Temperature Glacier Black

Colt 1911 .45 before and After .357 Desert Eagle
Satin Aluminum


Federal Ordnance .45 
Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black

Sig .357
Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black
Mossberg 12 Gauge
FIC Camo

Stock & Rifle in Armor Black

DPR Predator 
OD Green, Graphite Black Flutes
Stoeger Shotgun 
Flat Dark Earth, Graphite Black

Hi Temp Armor Black & Coyote Tan
w Armor Black Flutes

DPR 300 Win Mag 
Graphite Black
Model 700 
Graphite Black w Microslic Bolt

Model 700 
Mil Spec Green

AR-15 Parts 
Bright Pink
SIG SAUDER 7.62 x 25 
Burnt Bronze & Graphite Black

Stevens .410 
Midnight Blue

Rings, Rifles, Shotguns
& Suppressors

Ruger Mark II .22
Satin Mag Graphite Black

Ruger Mark I .22
Blue Titanium and Graphite Black

Ruger Mark II .22, 10-inch
Satin Mag and Graphite Black



Springfield .45
Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black

Colt Commander .45
Blue Titanium and Graphite Black
Walther Stainless PPK .380
Blue Titanium and Graphite Black
Marlin 30-30
Midnight Blue
Ruger S Black Hawk .44 Mag
Coyote Tan and Graphite Black
.223 Magazines
Cerakote Black
AR-15 & .45
Graphite Black & Burnt Bronze
DPR 6.5 x .284 700 Action
Satin Aluminum & Armor Black
AR-15 Lower
Coyote Tan
AR-15 Accessory
Coyote Tan
Model 700 Fluted Bolt
Armor Black
Savage 22-250
OD Green & Armor Black
Savage 22-250
OD Green & Armor Black
Mossberg 500
OD Green
Browning BDM 9mm
Tungsten & Stainless
Para Ordnance P13-45 .45
Graphite Black Microslic barrel/parts
Rossi .410 before/after
Armor Black & Flat Dark Earth
Smith & Wesson. 500
Flat Dark Earth/Magpul OD GT Stripe
H&R .444
Flat Dark Earth/Magpul OD GT Stripe
S&W MP-15
Coyote Tan & Graphic Black
S&W M&P .40
Patriot Brown & Armor Black
New Ruger Blackhawk .357 SS
Graphite Black
Marlin 30-30's
Upper: Tactical Gray/Graphite 
Black and Micro-slic
Marlin 30-30's
Lower: Armor Black and Micro-slic
Muzzle Brakes
Armor Black
Thumbhole Stock
Tiger Stripe Armor Black & 
Flat Dark Earth
S&W .40 Compact
Graphite black, custom blend for polymer frame (FIC Gray)
Remington 870 Pump
LSU Corvette Yellow & Bright Purple
Remington 1100
Tactical Grey/Prison Pink Tiger Stripe
1911 Colt .45
Armor Black
Muzzle Brakes
Armor Black
S&W .40 Cal
Burnt Bronze and MicroSlic Barrel
S&W .40 Compact
Graphic Black and Custom FIC
Blend Tungsten & Black
Benelli 12 Gauge
Patriot Brown and Graphite Black
Steyr Stock
Fishnet Design and OD Green,
Tungsten, Graphite Black
Beretta 96 .40
BAE Green & Graphite Black
Tikka .300 Win Mag Fluted Barrel
Titanium and Graphite Black
Savage model Mark II .22 cal
Graphite Black
DPR .300 Winchester Magnum & Suppressor    3 color Tiger Stripe
Coyote Tan, Desert Verde, Copper Brown
Glock 22 .40
Graphite Black and Burnt Bronze
Sniper Gray & Burnt Bronze
10 Gauge H&R
Muddy River and Graphite Black
H&R .444 Cal.
Battleship Gray, Graphite Black & Patriot Brown/Flat Dark Earth
Browning Citori 12 Gauge
Tungsten Gray
Model 7 Remington
BAE Green and Micro Slic Bolt
Top to Bottom: Magpul Green, 
Forest Green, Shimmer Gold, 
Graphics Black and Tungsten
Dixie Precision Suppressors
.308, High Temp Armor Black
.223 Coyote Tan & Armor Black
Rangemaster Mod 700 Custom .270 WIN MAG: Shimmer Gold

Glock 27
Satin Aluminum & Titanium Green
Springfield Armory M1A1
Magpul Green & Graphic Black
Competition Stock & Bolt
Graphite Black and Flat 
Dark Earth and McMillan Olive
Competition Stock
Graphite Black and Tungsten
C Z Bolt Action
Graphite Black


Flat Dark Earth, O D Green
& Armor Black

AR-15 Magazines
OD Green and Flat Dark Earth
Magpul O.D. Green and 
Armor Black Flutes
FIC Camo
Russian Makarov . 380
Midnight Green, Mil Spec Green 
& Graphite Black
Remington 870
Mag Pul OD Green
Piston Dome
Piston Coat
Piston Skirt
8 Cylinder Head Set
C-7300 Blk Velvet Hi-Temp 1800 
Resonator & Exhaust Manifold
High Temperature Bright Silver
Leatherman Multi-Tool
Ridgeway Blue

200x149    770