Frequently Asked Questions

Are these coatings available for sale to the public?
A: No, these coatings are designed for professional applicators. If you would like to have a component coated with one of our coatings, please call us or use our online applicator locator for an applicator in your area.

What equipment is needed to apply these coatings?
A: On the basic end, all that is needed is a small spray gun, air compressor, sand blaster, and spray booth. If you wanted to apply all of our coatings you would need the above plus an oven and vibratory polisher.

How thick should the coatings go on?
A: The recommended thickness for each coating varies. As a general rule these coatings go on very thin, anywhere between .25 to 2.5 mils. Be sure to read the product data sheet for recommended thicknesses.

How do I polish Chromex?
A: First, lightly sand the piece with 0000 steel wool. Then either vibratory polish the piece or polish on a high speed buffing wheel. Polishing by hand is possible, but is less effective and does not produce the same brilliant finish.

Can you formulate a custom coating for me?
A: Yes, please contact one of our friendly customer service reps at 541-826-1922 for details.